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Baby Shower Ice-Breaker Games

Planning a baby shower can be a challenging task, but it's still a fun experience. One of the most important parts of the shower are the games that are played. More than the food or decorations, the guests will remember how much fun they had. The games are an important part of this fun.


At the start of the event, you'll want to have one or two "ice breakers." These are games that help the guests get to know each other. You should plan to have ice breakers throughout the shower, and award prizes at the end of the event. Here are some ice breakers you and your guests will enjoy.

SAY BABY: For this ice-breaker, give each guest a ribbon or button or some other small item, right as they enter the shower. Throughout the shower, every time someone hears another guest saying the word "baby," they can take the ribbon from that person. Nobody is ever "out," since anyone can hear someone else say 'baby" and get a ribbon.


WHO-DONE-IT: This is a popular game played, not just at showers, but at many different parties. Provide each guest with a list of traits and phrases, like "Has green eyes" or "Has two or more siblings" or "Was born in July." Guests then interact with each other and try to figure out who fits with which phrase. They then jot down that person's name next to the appropriate phrase. Whoever has the most names completed at the end of the baby shower gets a small prize.


BABY SHOWER PICTIONARY: Pictionary is a classic and is great for parties with lots of people. You can adapt it to fit with a baby shower theme. Each team should brainstorm and come up with a list of baby-related words that the other team must draw. Other members on their team try to guess the picture as one person draws. This game can be a good learning game, but most of all, it's a fun way of getting lots of people involved and getting people to know each other.


BABY SCATTERGORIES: This is another classic game which is easy to adapt to your shower theme. Think of baby categories, such as diaper brands, baby-food flavors, popular baby names, baby toys, etc. Then select a few letters and ask guests to think of a word in each of those categories that starts with each of those letters. Set a timer, and when time expires, eliminate all duplicate words. The one with the most original words wins.


M&Ms 20 Questions: Have your guests sit down and then pass a large of M&Ms around to them. Each person takes as many as they want, but they should not eat them yet. After everyone has some, break your guests up into small teams. Each team gets a sheet of paper with one word for each color M&M. They then ask a question for every M&M color in their hand. For instance, if a person has four yellow M&Ms, then they must ask five questions with the word yellow. They then get to eat one M&M for every question that they get answered. The team which finishes all their M&Ms gets a prize for each member.

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