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How To Choose Tasteful Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

If you have ever planned a baby shower, you know how much work it is. From invitations to decorations to activities to food to favors, it is a major undertaking. If you have been invited to a baby shower, you may want to consider a baby shower hostess gift as a thank-you to the person who took on this task.

The gift does not have to be costly. You can either buy her something yourself, or ask the mom-to-be for a copy of the guest list and pool resources to buy the hostess something truly lovely, such as a pendant or earrings, or a gift certificate to a spa, restaurant, beauty salon, or upscale bookstore.

A fun idea is to give the hostess a cookbook or other home entertaining book, especially if you know that she is the type of person who enjoys organizing social gatherings. You can write a message of thanks inside and have it signed by everyone who contributed to its purchase – or by all the guests, if it’s not an issue for you. That way it is both a memento and a useful gift. Another, related idea, is to put together a gourmet food basket with contributions from different guests, including cheeses, wine, textured crackers, preserved meats, dried fruit, and other tasty items.

More traditional – but usually appreciated – ideas include chocolates and wine. Try to go the extra mile to find a fancy brand, a gorgeous box, or an uncommon variety of red grape. You can also choose flowers as your gift, though instead of bringing them with you, you might consider sending them over a few days after the event – the hostess is going to have plenty to do as the guests arrive, and creating the need for her to find a vase might be more stressful than appreciated. Alternatively, you can choose a potted plant, which will bring much more lasting enjoyment to the hostess. In the case of flowering plants, try to pick one which blooms regularly, like a Christmas cactus or an African violet – even a poinsettia is a lovely choice.

If you don’t have a lot of extra money, but still want to show the hostess your appreciation, consider a smaller but still-useful gift, such as an aromatherapy candle, bubble bath, and/or body lotion. Let her know that your present is to help her relax after the stress of planning such a lovely party. Other inexpensive ideas include picture frames, bound journals, and fuzzy slippers.

One important thing to keep in mind: if there are multiple hostesses, you must bring a gift for each – or it is better not to bring a gift at all. Even if one of the hostesses is holding the event at her house, it would not be appropriate to bring something for her alone. Give each lady the recognition she deserves with a carefully-chosen baby shower hostess gift.

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