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Baby Shower Games For Men

Most of the time, a baby shower is taken as women-only celebration, and men if invited, feel it boring and try to reveal that. In such cases, if you want to make every guest of yours happy, including men and women, you should arrange the baby shower party in such a way that it will be remembered by men too. For this, you can include in it, food and games that will interest not only women but also men.

What interests most of the men is getting together for a poker night or a barbeque. Let the men enjoy a TV game, play poker, have beer and eat. And additionally you can arrange some games that will interest them.

An interesting game for a baby shower can thus be poker. Make preparations for the poker party by collecting poker chips, playing cards and other items needed. This you can do easily by looking into your local yellow pages and instead of buying the poker accessories, you can bring them on rent. Decorate tables which can comfortably accommodate six to eight people, with green table cloth to create a poker room touch. Keep chips, cards and copies of the rules on each table.

You can also keep some visors for the players and dealer buttons for the dealers, which are easily available online. The food should be of liking of both men and women, which may consist of a six-foot long submarine sandwich which will be enough for thirty people. And soft drinks, beer and wine are ideal for such a party theme.

Another fun-filled game can be Couple Jeopardy. In this game, each team comprises of only two people, that is, husband and wife. Each of them has to go out of the room, when their turn comes, and the one who is left is to give a small test of three questions about the partner. After that, the other who is out, is to get in and has to answer the same questions. And when the time comes to verify the answers of both of them together, the fun begins.

Because they don’t want to admit in front of their partners that they have told his or her faults and the most awkward situations in his or her life and so try to turn away.

Another fun-way baby shower is a tropical themed one. This type of shower men too will enjoy for sure. Invite your guests with a dress-code of Hawaiian shirts and floral pattern skirts. Large bowls of punch, lots of grilled seafood and other delicious Caribbean food will certainly lure men who always are reluctant for coming for a baby shower.

You can plan yet another gambling game to keep the baby shower increasingly exciting. Prepare a grid of squares of same number as that of the guests. Along the top row, put the expected date above the middle square and to its right and left put the dates prior to and after the expected date respectively. In the bottom row, put various weights in an ascending order. For example, you can fill each square with weights like 6 lbs., 6 lbs.7 oz., or 7 lbs. 8 oz., and so on. Fill all the rows in this way and tell your guests to write their names in the square where they guess the expected date and the baby’s weight. When the baby will be born, you can call them and declare who has won.

In these ways you can make your baby shower party enjoyable even to your male guests.

Great Video of Men Playing a Baby Shower Game:

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