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Make Your Guests Feel Appreciated With Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baby showers are not only a fun way to celebrate and record a special moment in a mother’s life. It is also a huge help for the new parents, as the gifts they receive at the shower will help ease the costs of preparing for their little (expensive!) delivery from the stork.

You, as the organizer, should try to design favors that will help the guests feel like they are both welcomed and appreciated as contributors and participants in the life of the new baby. In addition to the host, the mother-to-be and/or grandmother-to-be might also give favors as “thank-yous” for the gifts. Read on for ideas about baby shower favor ideas that everyone will love.

Check with the parents about the sex of the baby before organizing the shower. Do they know if they’re expecting a boy or a girl, and if so, do they want gender-specific gifts? Note this on the invitation for the benefit of your guests, and also keep it in mind as you choose your favors.

For a baby boy, blue is, of course, the traditional color choice. You might also choose browns or greens as “guy” colors. In this case you could hand out blue baby bottle cookies, a brown teddy bear magnet, or a green building block favor box filled with M&Ms.

If you have chosen a theme and cleared it with the mother first, you can obviously incorporate this into your favors. Theme ideas for boys might include sports (perhaps even one specific sport, especially if mom or dad is a big fan), animals, Army , etc. You might give out animal-shaped cookies, little chocolates wrapped in sports-themed foil (basketballs, baseballs, etc.), or a picture frame with camouflage colors.

In the case of a baby girl, again, check with mom first. You can obviously go with pink anything, or a girl-traditional theme, like princesses or flowers. Ideas include a photo glass coaster (pink, of course), or pink frosted sugar cookies in heart or flower shapes. Another creative (and useful!) idea is to embroider an inexpensive tote with the new baby girl’s initials.

Other baby shower favor ideas may be based on the fact that you or the mom may not want the favors to be so baby-oriented, or at least not so focused on the sex of the baby. In this case, you can give favors which are gender-neutral, or designed as a treat for your guests. You might give a (white) tape measure, a cinnamon or apple-scented candle (“bun in the oven”), a pedicure set, or relaxing bubble bath.

Whatever you decide to give as favors, be sure that your choice is not only compatible with the mom’s wishes, but is something that your guests will truly appreciate, either as a keepsake for the upcoming arrival, or as a special treat for themselves.

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