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Baby Shower Etiquette

Expecting mothers have enough to be concerned about these days about these days, without having to worry about the planning and execution of their baby shower (especially their first!) So, to make a new mommy-to-be's shower as fun and stress-free as possible here are some simple guidelines to follow.

First, never allow the mother-to-be to host her own shower a close friend or co-worker, or even a relative should take the responsibility of hosting, organizing and planning the event. Next, have your Mommy-to-be sign up with a local baby registry. Traditional rules of etiquette say that telling your guests what to being is rather obtuse, but in today’s hustle and bustle world, registering your shower simply allows your guests to quickly and easily see what the parents had in mind.

Next the Mommy-to-be and her benevolent party planner should sit down and make a list of people to invite to the shower. Whether or not you should invite men to the party is entirely up to you. If you do, be sure to include games and activities that they will have fun with, too. Inviting guests is easier than ever, with just about everyone a phone call or e-mail away, but hand-made invitations add a personal touch, and can serve as memorable keepsakes for the guests.


Generally a baby shower is held one to two months prior to the due date to allow the parents to pick up any much needed items that they did not receive during the shower. Also, babies do not always arrive on schedule, and holding the shower later than one month until the due date put the parents at risk of being unprepared for the arrival.


Part of putting together a great baby shower is making sure your guests have fun and leave happy. Be sure to plan games that everyone can enjoy. You can even reward the winners with prizes. Homemade Thank-You baskets are a great way to show your appreciation for the gifts you were given as well as the time your guests took out of their busy schedules.


And don’t forget the thank you notes! While opening your gifts, have someone write down the name, phone number and address of the person giving the gift, as well as what that gift was. This will make sending thank you cards simple and headache-free.


Also, don’t feel bashful about holding a second shower for your second baby. But remember, only close friends and family should be invited, lest you should seem greedy.


The keys to proper baby shower etiquette are simple: Don't expect the expecting to do the planning for the event, have a party planner help make the invitation list and pick games that are fun for everyone, plan the shower one to two months in advance, keep a list of who attended and what they brought, be sure that the guests leave with something they can remember the shower by, and remember to send the thank you notes. Keeping these things in mind will ensure that your shower is a special and joyous event that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

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