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How to Put Together A Diaper Cake

There is a lot involved to planning a successful baby shower. From food to gifts to decorations, you’ve got a lot to think about. One creative and useful way to decorate is by making baby diaper cakes. Now, don’t worry you are not supposed to EAT baby diaper cakes. They are a fun and popular idea for centerpieces, which double as a gift for the new parents. Here’s how you do it.

The baby diaper cake may or may not be coordinated with your invitations and other decorations. Blue for a boy, pink for a girl, baby animals for a woodlands, theme, etc. – all of these patterns and colors are easily found on disposable diapers today.

Now then – you do not simply pile up packages of diapers or individual diapers in the middle of a table. A real baby diaper “cake” is put together with more style. You’ll need 50 or so diapers, 1 foot of ribbon per diaper, a large bottle (baby shampoo is a good idea) and lots of clear tape. When choosing the tape, make sure it is the kind that sticks, but won’t make rips in the diapers later. A good choice might be wrapping paper ribbon.

Your next step is to roll up each diaper and tie up the roll with the ribbon. This isn’t a difficult job, per se, but it can make your wrists sore – so if you can get a helper or two, all the better. Once you’ve rolled up all the diapers, it’s time to start assembling the “cake.” Stand the bottle up. Stick diapers, also standing on end, to the bottle, keeping the bottom ends flush with the table. This will only take a few diapers. Wrap a ribbon or tape around this first row, and then repeat the process, making another circle of diapers around the first. By the time you reach the third circle, you’ll use as many as 29 diapers. This makes a nice base.

Now, make your second tier, moving “up” the bottle and sticking the next level of diapers directly to it, followed by a second row. Finish by making a single row of diapers around the top. It may seem like the bottle won’t be tall enough to accommodate 3 tiers of diapers, but remember that these are newborn-sized and should work just fine. Once you’ve finished “making” the cake, you should tape the base to a serving platter or large, circular piece of cardboard for stability (otherwise the inner rows might drop out).

Then it’s time to decorate. You can adorn each tier by wrapping ribbon around it and adding bows. You can also make “roses” with tiny baby socks. Another fun idea is to take other, smaller, gifts and place them on each tier and around the base; even a small stuffed animal as a “cake topper” might be fun.

Making a baby diaper cake is intense work – but the reaction you’ll get from both your guests and the mom-to-be will be completely worth it. Be creative and have fun!

How To Make a Diaper Cake Video:

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