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Try a Baby Shower Corsage To Ad Some Spark To Your Shower!


To give an extra special touch to your baby shower, consider having your guests wear baby shower corsages. It is a fun and unique way to mark the special occasion and celebrate the upcoming birth. While you can easily purchase them at a florist’s, making them yourself is not difficult, and is definitely easier on your budget.

Besides being less expensive, making them yourself means that you can be sure to have one for every guest, if you have the materials on hand, you can make them even for last-minute confirmations. Another fun aspect of making them yourself is that it will be easier to incorporate the colors of your theme you can even personalize them, which is a special touch your guests will certainly appreciate. And, of course, you’ll have fun doing it.

One elegant baby shower corsage idea is to make a lily corsage. You’ll need:

- Large white lilies (one for each guest plus a few extras)
- At least 2 cuttings of baby ivy vines, small
- 1 package of florist’s wire (more if you have a large number of guests)
- 1 or 2 rolls of ribbon (consider a color in keeping with your theme)
- Medium-sized pins (one for each guest plus a few extras)

To start, cut down the stem on each lily to about 2 or 3 inches. Take a bit of baby ivy and arrange it around the lily try placing some on each side. Use the florist’s wire to hold the flower and the ivy together. Then, wrap the corsage with ribbon and add a bow. You can also use scissors to curl the ends of the ribbon. Finally, keep the pins handy so each corsage can be pinned on as each guest enters the party. Be sure to keep the finished corsages refrigerated until just before the party begins.

If you are afraid you’ll have too much to do for the flowers to stay fresh, or you’d simply like your guests to be able to preserve their corsage as a memento of the celebration, you can also choose artificial or silk flowers for your corsage arrangement.

A fun idea for a baby corsage is to make it silly, like this “baby wipes” corsage, which is for Mom only. You’ll need:

- a mini packet of baby wipes (the kind with a slit opening)
- 1 clothespin
- ribbon
- a medium- to large-sized pin

This corsage is meant to be hilarious and useful at the same time. Carefully pull out some of the baby wipes through the slit opening, arranging the exposed sheets to look like the petals of a flower. Fasten the clothespin on the edge of the packet, and add little bows made of ribbon. The idea is that the corsage is a handy changing-table helper Mom has both the wipes (for baby), and the clothespin (for her nose!) at easy reach.

Making your own baby shower corsages, whether serious and elegant, or fun and silly, is a great way to make your party extra special. Be creative and have fun!

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