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Baby Shower Centerpieces How to Make Them Thoughtful

When you are in charge of planning a baby shower, there are many opportunities to fill the party with as many baby-related elements as possible. One of the nicest ways to do this is with centerpieces – when carefully designed and carried out, they will give your event a special touch. You can easily put them together at home, and the mom-to-be will certainly appreciate your effort.

Baby shower centerpieces can include many items, such as balloons, streamers, flowers, bottles, teethers, rattles, lollipops, bibs, etc. Choose some of these items for your arrangement (such as a few flowers in a vase with a balloon or two tied around it; this can be placed inside a basket that contains the other baby-related items, and wrapped in a ribbon).

But if you really want to make your centerpieces special, try to take the mom-to-be’s tastes into consideration, as well as what you know about the baby. If the mom-to-be loves lilies – well, those should obviously be your choice of flower. If green and yellow have been selected as the colors for the nursery – try to incorporate them, too, perhaps as the ribbon or balloon color. If mom is a big sports fan, you might purchase small footballs, basketballs, baseballs – even keyring attachments will work.

You can also go thematic, by choosing a popular, baby-friendly cartoon character or other theme, such as “nature” or “Winnie the Pooh.” In the case of the first, you might choose sun-shaped confetti to scatter on the table beneath the centerpiece or place inside the vase, as well as tiny baby animals, either as stuffed toys or cut out from magazines as stick-on decorations. You could also adorn the table with pine cones or twigs, either as they are, or spray-painted and glittered. Woodsy-scented votive candles arranged around the centerpiece might also be a nice touch – and work for a take-home gift for your guests.

If the room where you are having the event is compatible, you can even make mobiles to hang above the table (either as a complement to or in place of the centerpiece); again, choose a theme or go with the mom’s tastes when designing these. These can be even more inexpensive than a centerpiece, as they require fewer “objects” and more images, which can be easily found in magazines, books, etc.

You don’t even have to buy items to make a separate centerpiece for your baby shower. The centerpiece can be the cake itself. If your shower is smaller and you only have one centerpiece, you might let it simply be the cake – especially if it is a larger, stacked cake, or one which has a special shape, such as a diaper or bottle. If you have several tables of guests, you might consider making cupcake towers for each table, using thematically-colored frosting and baby animal-shaped sprinkles or letters of the alphabet on top.

As you get your creative juices flowing, more and more ideas will come to you. Remember that pretty much any idea will “work” as long as you think and plan it through. Visit craft and party supply stores for ideas – and remember, make your baby shower centerpieces something your friend will appreciate and remember for years to come.

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