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Unique Baby Shower Cakes That Are Fun!

Baby showers today are becoming ever more elaborate, giving you plenty of opportunities to show off your style and creativity. One of the best ways to make your guests and the mom-to-be “ooh and ah” will be the baby shower cake. Not only should it be delicious, it should be creatively designed. Here are some great ideas for your cake:

Miniature Cakes: A fun and sweet idea is to serve each guest a miniature cake, shaped like a square building block. You or your baker can frost, trim, and decorate each square with letters, such as B-A-B-Y or the initials of baby-to-be or the parents. The colors you choose can be in line with your theme. You can also choose cupcakes as your individual portions, decorating them with frosting, gel, or shaped sprinkles to make baby-themed images such as bottles, rattles, teddy bears, etc.

Shaped Cakes: Now this is going one step further. It’s possible for you (or your baker) to put together a cake in pretty much any shape. One idea is to purchase baking accessories (shaped pans); though you may not find baby-specific shapes, a heart or a flower shape is still sweet and might even be in line with your theme. If you’re more adventurous, use a regular square, rectangular, or round pan, and then cut the cake to match your design. This can be made easier by tracing your design on a piece of wax paper first. Your baby shower cake can then be virtually anything – what about a rubber ducky, a bottle, or booties? Depending on your skills with frosting, you can even make your cake look like a large pregnant belly! Some bakeries even offer cakes with a diaper design.

Unique Photo: Bakeries have been “printing” photos onto cakes for years. A special and unexpected way to surprise your guests is by bringing an ultrasound photo to the bakery and having that image on your cake (you might get the dad-to-be to be your accomplice so it will be a surprise). Some moms-to-be also do photography sessions showing off their pregnant tummy, sometimes with older siblings – this might also be a lovely idea for your cake.

Classic: If you like, you can go with a simple, elegant tiered cake – even a wedding cake would be appropriate. Decorate the cake in baby colors such as baby blue, pastel green, or light pink; you can even add subtle detailing such as stripes, polka dots, gingham, or a weave pattern. A choice like this might be especially appropriate for a more formal shower.


And don’t forget – even a traditional rectangular or round cake can be frosted into a baby theme. Imagine a sheet cake frosted uniformly and then piped into squares – add a few letters or images and you have a baby quilt! Or, if you know the sex of the baby, keep it absolutely simple and to the point and just choose colored frosting and simple wording: “It’s a Boy!” or “Here Comes Little Jenny!” Whatever you end up choosing for your baby shower cake, be sure to explore


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