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Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Putting together a baby shower, whether for a close friend or member of the family, is always a huge task. You have to plan many elements well in advance so that your theme will be consistent throughout. The cake is, of course, one aspect of the shower that you’ll have to pay special attention to. This article will you give you some fun and unique baby shower cake ideas that you can consider for your celebration.

One easy way to decide what to do with the cake is to look at your theme. If you’ve chosen a baby boy blue or baby girl pink, you’ve already got your frosting colors worked out. If you’ve chosen sports, perhaps a baseball and glove picture would work. If the shower’s theme is nature, a flower shape might be appropriate. Depending on your time and ability, you may want to have a professional make these cakes.

Of course, your shower may not have a theme, or you just might want to try different shapes and sizes of cakes. Here are a few more baby shower cake ideas that will work with any party; some of them you can work out at home or else have a bakery prepare them for you:

The Pregnant Tummy Cake: bake both a round cake and a rectangular cake and, once cooled, place the circle next to the rectangle. Frost and shape appropriately so it looks like a torso with a pregnant belly.

The Alphabet Blocks Cake: bake using a deep rectangular or square pan. You can make one large block or several smaller blocks. Frost in white or yellow and trim to look like ABC blocks. You can even select letters based on the name of the baby or the parents.

The Gift Basket Cake (advanced): if you’ve got some experience baking and doing unusual shapes, a very fun and creative idea is to create a basket shape (no handle is necessary), and trim with brown frosting. “Inside” the basket could be decorations in the shape of baby items like a bottle or a rattle.

The Cupcake Cake: using individual cupcakes is a fun way to serve dessert, and it takes the pressure off having an “impressive” cake, if you’re not that much of a baker. You can take the time to individually decorate each cupcake or simply use frosting which matches your theme. Plates with cupcake towers can also be used as centerpieces.

The Mini Cake: if you like the idea of an individual cake, but want to be a bit more unique than cupcakes, try baking mini-cakes – shaped like a regular cake, but in very small pans. They have a delicate feel to them, and can be easily decorated or personalized.

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