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Baby Shower Bingo A Great Game!

If you’re planning a baby shower, you’ve taken on a big task. From choosing a theme, to figuring out the guest list and mailing invitations, from deciding on a menu to planning decorations, games, and favors – it can get overwhelming. Make your job simpler by learning about baby shower bingo, one of the easiest and most popular games you can play. It’s also the kind of game that everyone – young or old – can get excited about and play.


There are many online sites that have pre-made bingo cards that you can print out – but this game is so easy to set up that you could make them yourself - and make them even more charming and personalized. You might want a few pairs of extra hands if you are having a lot of guests. You can use thick construction paper, plain white cards, or even recycled cardboard as your bingo boards. Choose a color that matches your theme or trim the card in a fun pattern – you can use stickers and sparkles or just a colored marker and steady hand.

Then, mark the board, tracing out a 5x5 grid. You might also want to leave space at the top for a title. Unlike regular bingo, you won’t be calling out a letter and a number. Instead, you’ll make a list of baby-related words (such as: bottle, onesie, diaper, crib, teddy bear, etc.) or cut out multiples of baby-related images. You’ll write these words or paste these images at random on all of the boards. Remember that the center square is normally “free” – if you’ve chosen to use words, you can paste a tiny baby picture here (instead of the usual star), or just write “baby bingo.”


Make sure you make a master list of all the words or images, and write each of the words down on a slip of paper so you can pick them at random when it’s time to play. You should have a lot more than 25 words in your word bank – but keep in mind, the more you have, the longer the game will take. For extra fun and variety, you can play several rounds: regular one-row bingo, cross-your-heart bingo (making an X shape from corner to corner), diaper-bag bingo (a chunk of 2x3 squares anywhere on the board), blackout bingo (the whole board), etc. Just make sure you have enough prizes so that each round’s winner gets something – and specify that in case of ties, the first one to call out “bingo” wins.


Don’t forget to choose something as your “tokens” for your guests to mark their squares – they could be cut-up bits of construction paper, dry beans, etc. If you put a lot of effort into making these boards, don’t let your guests mark on them with pens or pencils – chances are, either you or a friend will want to use them again.


Making your baby shower bingo is likely to be almost as entertaining as playing it – almost!


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