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Another Collection of Fun Baby Shower Games

There’s nothing quite like a baby shower to tell the parents-to-be how much you care for them and their new child. Celebrating the arrival of a new addition to the family is usually arranged by friends and co-workers and it gives everyone a chance to pitch in and contribute something to the arrival of the new baby. Baby showers are fun, period. The expectation and suspense builds even more as the parents talk to everyone sharing their dreams and hopes for their new arrival. Friends gather together to shop for the new baby, looking for the latest and greatest in baby supplies and fashion, while others figure out where to have the event.


Most baby showers usually last two to three hours pending the number of guest invited and those who pop up to say hi and congratulations. So, with that being said it’s always a nice touch to have some games and other activities in place. Games can also give other more experienced parents a chance to share experiences. It’s always good to plan the number of games around the number of people that you expect to come. And remember, it’s not if you win or lose, it’s all about having a good time for a memorable event.

Here are a few baby shower games you can consider when preparing yours:

  1. Name Game (forming words with letters in baby names),
  2. Feeding Time! (While blindfolded try to scoop cotton balls),
  3. Rice Bowl (try to find safety pins in rice while blindfolded),
  4. Baby Guests (match each guest to their baby photo),
  5. Baby Bingo (bingo with baby words instead of numbers),

Other games that can be considered are Shower Gift Bingo (bingo played during gift opening), Round the Tummy (guests estimate size of mommy's tummy) and Poopy Diaper.


Yes. Poopy Diaper. The game is simple, but ends funny. You take candy bars (usually the mini bites) and melt them till they are really soft. Afterwards, place them in a disposable diaper. Next the diapers get passed around and people have to try and guess what kind of candy bar is in each diaper. From a distance, it looks like people smell poopy diapers, which makes it so funny!


Also don’t forget to have your ideas in place—know where to get your supplies and have a place picked out to have the baby shower. Have your supplies ready before guests arrive, that way the most you’ll have to do is direct traffic on games and activities. If you’re having the event at your house there are several things to think about such as:

  1. Do you have enough space?
  2. Where are you putting the gifts?
  3. Does everyone know how to get to your house?

When making your invitations, it might be a good idea to put on them your contact number, email address, or maybe a small map to your place. Many mapping programs on the Internet can provide detailed directions to help you.


And remember to always have fun!

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