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5 Great Baby Shower Games They're Sure to Remember

Ever been to a boring party? Most of us have. The one party that you cannot afford to be boring, though, is the baby shower. This is an event that is supposed to be rememberd for a lifetime. Let's make it memorable, shall we? One of the best ways to do this is with games that the guests won't forget. Here are some especially memorable games to try.

WHAT'S THE FLAVOR? Get several jars of baby food and take of the labels. In their place, write your own labels, just giving each jar a number. Also create an "answer" sheet for yourself, telling you what the flavor of food is for each jar. Now give each guest a piece of paper and a spoon. Pass around all of the jars and have the guest sample each of them. They should write what they think the correct flavor is for each of them, by how it looks, smells and / or tastes. The person who gets the most correct wins a prize.

DIAPER CHANGING GAME. Get two large baby dolls. Pit your guests against each other, two at a time, and see who is able to change the doll's diaper the quickest. Supply the changing areas with powder, wipes, a clean diaper, pins, and a blanket to wrap the doll in after it's diapered. Again, give a small prize to each winner.

GROUP CRAFT. This is not a game, but an activity that everyone will enjoy--and that the new mom will especially appreciate. Spend some time at the shower creating a craft together. For instance, you could make a baby's quilt, with each guest responsible for personalizing a square. Similarly, you could all make a unique wall hanging for the mom's new nursery. Or consider hosting the shower at a pottery shop and let each guest create a pottery gift for the new parents.

MY WATER BROKE. Prior to the start of the baby shower, freeze some tiny baby items inside of several ice cubes (enough to give one to each guest). Once they're frozen and when the shower begins, give one cube to each guest inside their water or punch. The person whose cube melts first, thus freeing their small baby object, should yell out, "My water broke!" and go claim their door prize. Another variation of this game: Tell the guests to melt the ice inside their mouths instead of in their glass. Be careful, though, not to allow any children to take part in this game, lest they swallow the item.

SHH! THE BABY'S SLEEPING! For this game, give each of your guests either a diaper pin or a clothes pin as they arrive. They are to pin this to their shirt. Early in the evening, as the guests walk around and talk and mingle with others, they must be careful not to use the word "baby." Any time someone uses the word, another guest who hears them may take their pin. Toward the end of the evening, find out who has the most pins and a ward a prize to that guest.

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